Chatting like them chads


  • Due to bots, I’ve created a registration token:
  • Element (Webchat), Onion, might leak data to the homeserver regardless (your exit node’s ip).
  • Opennic (Webchat), selfsigned cert, also needs to resolve to regardless.
  • Cinny by the Cinny team, I couldn’t host it, you’d need to type in the server manually.
  • Otherwise, just configure your client with the server name


  • Clearweb, Plaintext on port 6667, usage of TLS on port 6697 highly recommended.
  • Tor on port 6667
  • I2P, also configure your listener on port 6667
  • OpenNIC on port 6662, doesn’t work for me though, seems like the port is closed even though I opened it.
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