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Privacy is our highest priority. Our Website does not use tracking software. Only neccessary cookies (e.g. for logging in) are saved on your device.

The web server is located in a data center of the company Oracle, in the Canadian city of Montreal. Your data is stored there, and only there, and deleted after 1 week. Most offers do not collect data, for those where it is not possible to turn it off, you can see the collected data below.

This data (so called logs) consists of:

  • The time of your visit

  • The address of your visit (e.g. /index.html)

  • Your IP address is not collected here (exceptions 1)

These logs, which are automatically created by our web server, nginx, are not automatically analyzed, but only to stop DDoS or other attacks, for example.

Your visit is also secured with HTTPS/SSL, which makes it more difficult for an possible attacker to read your data from the outside, and thus puts the communication of you and our web server in the foreground.

If you wish to have your data deleted, or if any other questions arise regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at privacy [at] shruub[dot]eu[dot]org .

  1. IRC - In the clearnet/OpenNIC your IP is leaked to the server. This is a limitation of the protocol. To prevent the leak, feel free to use the TOR/I2P versions ↩︎

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